What Our Patients Have to Say ...

                                                    CARING, COMPASSIONATE, KNOWLEDGEABLE
                                                                                      By Jennifer P.  
I had my first child with a very large, impersonal practice in Atlanta.  It was a very disappointing experience for my husband and me because there was no continuity of care. Each visit, I saw a different doctor or midwife who knew nothing about me or my pregnancy. I didn't even know who would deliver me, it was a crap shot.  My co-worker told me about her experience with Dr. Blank, who is a solo practitioner.  My experience with Dr. Blank has been amazing! I see him each visit, he really knows me and my husband and he knows and cares about my medical conditions and about me as a person.  His expertise and knowledge is beyond compare - he is just amazing, and is very patient and kind. He always calls you back and most amazing, you actually speak to a person when you call his office. The staff, especially his nurses, Karen and Rosbyn, are so warm, caring, friendly, sweet, and also so knowledgeable and approachable.  I can't say enough good things about Dr. Blank and his whole practice!!! 

                                                                      THE BEST DOC IN THE WORLD
                                                                                      By Monica R.  
The best Doctor in the world. He is more then just a Doctor, he is Family. Whenever I get pregnant I will always come to Dr. Blank to deliver my baby. His nurses, Ms. Karen, they all are just a blessing to me.

​                                                                DR. BLANK IS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST GYN
                                                                                          By Kimberly K. 
Dr. Blank was the third GYN I went to for relief from menopause discomfort and pain. I was really impressed with the fact that my first meeting with him took place in his office rather than the exam room.  He was very welcoming, open and attentive and really listened to my concerns. After the exam I again met with him in his office to discuss treatment options. And guess what, they worked!  No more pain or discomfort!  Dr. Blank spent a good hour with me, which was more time than the other three GYNs combined! He is an excellent doctor
 and deserves my highest praise and thanks.

                                                              SKILLED SURGEON WITH CARING BEDSIDE MANNER
                                                                                           By Amy C.  
When I moved to Atlanta five years ago, I did a lot of research before choosing a gynecologist, and I am so glad I chose 
Dr. Blank. I felt comfortable and confident after my first appointment. Six weeks ago, he performed my laparoscopic hysterectomy, and it was an almost stress-free  experience from start to finish. I had the surgery at 7:00 in the morning and Dr. Blank came back to the hospital 
to check on me at 6:00 that evening, as well as at 7:30 the next morning and again that evening. Even my husband was impressed. How wonderful to know that I have a doctor who really cares and who monitors my care with such personal attention.  I had an easy recovery 
and I have never felt better.  I highly recommend Dr. Blank, he is an excellent surgeon and physician. 

                                                     MENOPAUSE EXPERT -&- THE MOST EXCELLENT CARE
                                                                                              By Ellyn B. 
My first appointment with Dr. Blank was three days ago and it was the first time that I can say I was glad I went to the gynecologist!  I am menopausal and confused about whether or not to take hormones to relieve my hot flashes and mood swings. Dr. Blank spent over an hour with me, answering my questions and giving me information to read.  He also did a very thorough exam and history and really understood both my physical and psychological reasons for wanting to take hormones, and yet, being afraid of them. By the end of my appointment, 
I felt very informed about my choices and which choices were best for my specific needs. Even before starting on any medication, I felt better knowing that I found a doctor I can trust and who will listen to me. Hands down, Dr.  Blank, he is one of the best docs in the whole city.

                                                                                  DEDICATED DOCTOR
                                                                                           By Anne S.
Dedicated doctor, never too busy to answer questions. I trust him 100% and feel that he listens to my needs and concerns and we worked together to come up with the best possible care during my pregnancies, which all went great. He's been my ob/gyn for 14 years and I always call him first, even when it isn't gynecological because I also trust the other specialists he tells me to go see. You won't find a more caring, knowledgeable doctor. And, the fact that he's older and seasoned makes me feel very comfortable, he's easy to relate to and talk to.

                                                                                  THE BEST OF THE BEST
                                                                                         By Stephanie J.
I had a lot of trouble getting pregnant the first time, and Dr. Blank was amazing in diagnosing my problems and guiding me through my care.  He is knowledgeable, caring, attentive, I trust his judgment and expertise. He delivered both of my babies, even though he wasn't on-call the second time.  His staff always answers the phone, I always feel special and well taken care of in his office, His nurses have been with him for a long time and really care. Too many doctors and offices today treat you like a number; I'm so lucky to have a knowledgeable doctor who takes the time to really get to know me.

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   "Without a sense 
           of Caring,
         there can be 
          no sense 
       of Community.”

~ Anthony D'Angelo
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