Dr. Blank works collaboratively with Mt Vernon Clinical Research, which is located in our Sandy Springs office building, 
in Suite 200, right down stairs from our office.  Research patients receive their care in Mt Vernon Clinical Research's 
office, with Dr. Blank overseeing and providing the care. Research participants are compensated for their time and travel 
expenses, and receive all examinations and medications free of charge.  There are a number of studies for which Dr. Blank serves as the primary investigator, and the following studies are currently accepting enrollees.  Let us know if you (or someone you know) are interested in any of these studies:                                             
                                                                          ~ Now Enrolling:

                                                       Uterine Fibroids (Heavy Bleeding)
Recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis
Yeast Infections
Vaginal Dryness
Contraception (Birth Control)

Dr. Blank is a sub-investigator in these studies:

Migraine Headaches

Please contact Mt Vernon Clinical Research at: 404-843-4400 to see if you qualify!

               Obstetrics    Gynecoloy    Infertility

755 Mt Vernon Hwy NE                 3400A Old Milton Pkwy
                      Suite 200                                              Suite 390
                  Atlanta, Ga 30328                           Alpharetta, Ga 30005

Something incredible 
is waiting to be known.” 
         ~ Dr. Carl Sagan 

We believe Research is a vital part of health-care, 
and our goal is to help support Clinical Research 
by participating in women's health-care studies.